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University Dermatology Trials, INC. has a team of experts with extensive research experience to help all your dermatologic needs. 





Dr. Mia Gatti, DMSc, PA-C, is a board-certified dermatology and dermasurgeon physician assistant, who graduated top of her class in her Doctor of Medical Sciences (DMS) program with an emphasis in research and dermatology. Dr. Gatti's specialties include clinical research, general excisions, biopsies, diagnosis and treatment of dermatologic conditions, and skin cancer detection. 
With a deep interest in contributing to improvements in dermatology treatments and surgical techniques, Dr. Gatti, DMSc, PA-C, founded University Dermatology Trials, INC. in 2022. As President and CEO, she has taken the research and pharmaceutical industry by storm. Dr. Gatti has participated in over 100+ dermatology clinical research trials. These include Phase I, II, III, and IV studies in areas such as atopic dermatitis, acne vulgaris, psoriasis, rosacea, belly fat, injectables, hidradenitis supprativa, MOHs surgery, dermascopy, and skin cancer. With over a decade of dermatologic clinical research, she is currently leading her team as the Primary Investigator (PI) and Director of Clinical Research of one of the most elite and innovative private clinical trial companies in Southern California.

Dr. Gatti's research and trials are world-renowned as she is a published author in skin cancer research in respected, peer reviewed dermatology journals. “I believe in not only practicing medicine, but leading it,” says Dr. Gatti.

Previously in 2016, she was the Co-Founder and Director of Dermatology Clinical Trials (DCT) in Newport Beach, California.  In 2011, she participated in dermatologic clinical research roles including Director and Sub-Investigator at University Clinical Trials in San Diego, CA.

In addition to her passion in research, Dr. Gatti has solely performed over 5,000+ surgeries to this date. This includes general 
excisions, MOHS reconstruction, melanoma removal, scar revisions, and reconstructive surgeries. She also provides a variety of aesthetic services including Botox® treatments, injectable fillers (e.g., Juvederm®, Radiesse®, Restylane®, RHA®,), laser and light treatments (e.g., IPL, Potenza, laser hair removal, Vbeam) and body sculpting procedures (e.g., Kybella, Thermage®, Coolsculpting).
Dr. Gatti graduated from the Physician Assistant Program at Nova Southeastern University with a master's degree in medical sciences. There she specialized in dermatology and dermatologic surgery, and trained with the top dermatologists and plastic surgeons. She excelled as a leader of her medical program as Nova Southeastern University’s Student Representative for the Florida Academy of Physician Assistants. Dr. Gatti received her bachelor's degree in biology (Pre-Med) from the University of Tampa in Tampa, Florida. Highly motivated and eager to learn, she distinguished herself among her peers as Vice President of the Biology Honors Fraternity, Tri Beta.

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